Where to Buy Cigars Online?

People enjoy smoking cigars for a variety of reasons, like the taste, relaxing mood it puts you in, to seem more classy, etc. Depending on the size of the cigar, it can take up to 2 hours to smoke, which provides a prolonged sense of goodness. With advancements in shopping taking it to the online platform, along with the other commodities, cigars are also available that way. Now the question arises where to buy cigars online.  

Whether it is your favorite hobby or work affairs, you can have a cigar along with them and feel completely at ease and these take a long time to make given its good packaging and well sought after flavors. There are many platforms where you can purchase cigars online. Some of these online shopping sites are listed here for your convenience hence go through the details carefully and choose wisely to make a purchase.

Plus Sides of Cigars

As much as cigars are tobacco rolls, there are some benefits they provide that keep making people go back to it. Let us take a look at those positives

  • Taste:

Cigars come in a variety of flavors always said to be appealing by the users. They are said to be extremely likable if enjoyed in the proper manner. This can be one of the reasons to enjoy smoking a cigar.

  • Mental health:

Smoking cigars also bring about a certain relaxation to your minds. In case of an inner dilemma or other worries, smoking a cigar can help you calm down a bit and give you time to reflect and relax for the time being.

  • Weight loss:

Even though it is not a good method, smoking cigars help reduce your weight. It is said to increase the metabolic activity of your body thereby aiding in the weight loss process. Be careful to not overdo it also.

Even though you can look at it in a positive light, cigars are still tobacco and they are always bad for your health. All the health consequences are already known to you, hence it is basically you call on this topic.

Online Options for Buying Cigars

#1 JR Cigar

Housing an array of a variety of cigar collections having almost a hundred brands we have the JR Cigar online cigar shopping platform. There are daily deals and discount offers going on for your convenience and would also tell you everything you need to know about cigars. 

Apart from cigars they also sell pipes, humidors, and other cigar accessories. With its guaranteed freshness, same-day shipping, and affordable prices are some amazing features to look forward to.


#2 Cigars.com

Incorporating some of your favorite brands this site aims at a very user-friendly experience. New cigar releases, updates, and such information can be available on time here. Having a wide collection of popular brands all assembled in clean order, this offers makes the selection and shopping process much easier. 

There are both written and video reviews on cigars you may be looking for. This is a community for cigar lovers with good site experience.


#3 Famous Smoke

It is one of the famous sites offering cigars you need at the best prices. They do not allow people below the minimum age to make a purchase on their site. If you are looking for saving money, this site can be just what you are looking for filled with regular promotions and holds almost 1000 different cigar brands for online sales.

For beginners, this can be perfect as the site offers the right kind of cigars for people new to smoking them. Working all 7 days of a week they also provide quality prices for newbies on their first products.


#4 Gotham Cigars

This online shopping site comes with a cigar of the month club and has all kinds of cigars like little, premium, filtered, machine-made, etc. Incorporating a large number of brands from all around, you can have your pick here from many famous companies out there.

Along with providing cigar samplers, they have also received a five-star customer rating. There are special 5-pack sales in which premium cigars can be sold for just $30 for an entire 5-pack. There is also a premium cigar club that lets you enjoy hand-rolled cigars every month delivered to your homes. 


#5 Thompson Cigar

The Thompson Cigar online shopping platform contains a very systematic list of all the brands arranged in the order of names which can be very appealing and easy to surf through. They have bargains available from time to time for big deals which lets you get hold of cigars for good offers. One of the deals offered also lets you enjoy free cigars when purchasing a whole box of them.

Being one of the oldest mail-order companies in Florida, they deliver a wide range of products all around.  There are also many deal categories with which you can get an offer or discount on your purchase.


Why Buy Online?

  • Quality:

Even though purchasing from the shop directly by the feel and smell of the cigars are better, online shopping also allows for a purchase of fresh and ready cigars stored safely in humidors. Although you may have to be careful about shipping damages the quality of these cigars are almost always equal to that available in the shops directly.

  • Price:

The cost of your cigars may vary from place to place. To avoid such regional differences, you can always have a better option of online shopping. It saves your money no matter where you are. And in case you are living in a region where the local costs are a tad bit high, you can always opt for online shopping.

  • Take your time:

While shopping online, you can take your time deciding the product you want and all the details of the corresponding product can be looked up on the spot. Also, it is not time-consuming as you can surf online during any of your free breaks. This lets you do your important jobs and would at the same time allow you to search for quality brands you want within just a few minutes.

  • Convenience:

This includes shopping at the comfort of your home with products delivered directly to your doorstep. It allows you the freedom from all the distance you have to travel to get such an errand done. It is one of the main benefits of online shopping.


As mentioned above, although it is advised against smoking tobacco, individuals have their own preferences and style. Whatever the use is, smoking cigars does put you in a more calming mood and helps you relax. For a quick smoke or for mass purchases or whatever the reason maybe there are many benefits for going for online purchases as we have explained in detail.

All these online shopping platforms offer you a wide array of the top famous and excellent brands selling cigars and include many offers, discounts, and deals to increase your comfort shopping. More of your doubts on where to buy cigars online shall be welcome in the comments and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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