What is a Stogie?

Cigars have been known as the epitome of style. Something that macho men or sailors smoke in their past time. Throughout history, men have been shown smoking cigars as a symbol of style and machoism. What many people don’t know is that cigars are not gender-specific. Women and queer people smoke it too.

So what is a cigar actually? Cigars are rolls of various sizes filled with dried tobacco which can be lit from one end and smoked from the other. Their miniature versions are now known as cigarettes. Both of them are harmful as well as addictive.

These can cause problems like asphyxiation, breathing problems, lung cancer, blood cancer, cancer of the abdomen, acidity, hypertension, heart problems, infections, and even problems of the bones. Overall, they aren’t very good for the body. Then why do people smoke it?

This is because tobacco helps in clearing the intestines and helps people with constipation and also helps in times of critical thinking. But these benefits are not enough to make it fit for consumption. Yet people consume it on a regular basis.

What might sound like a cute name, a stogie is basically a thin version of a cigar that has already been cut and is ready for use? But most importantly, the discussion amongst cigar lovers is whether a stogie is a cigar or a cigarette. Many cigar lovers would take it to heart if you ever say that the cigar and stogie is the same thing.

I would also like to point out that although it is a kind of cigar, beginners should never call it a proper cigar. Instead, it’s just a miniature version of the cigar. So what is a stogie anatomically?

Stogie, as we have already said is a miniature version of a cigar. It is long and slender. It is thin and is already cut from the head. So, it is ready to use. So how did this version get its name? Let us find out:

History of stogie

During the modern history of India, while many European countries wanted to establish a base in Tamil Nadu, the French were growing enormously. In fact, they were the only fit rivals against the English. The used to order cigars from their country.

But the manufacture and supply from France proved too costly for them. So, they tried to get it from a town named Conestoga. Obviously, they did not get the original cigars as they would get in Cuba, but they were slightly modified. They were actually cut from both ends, were thinner, and slightly longer.

Due to their unique presentation, they were known by their place of origin, Conestoga. Foreigners have a unique way of calling the names of places. Netherland people became the Dutch and so, even Conestoga cigars became stogie. And thus came the name stogie.

people used to roll cigars and smoke them. Their sizes depended upon the nature of rolling and were open from both sides. Obviously, they were also not as good as the Cuban cigars. They came to be known as Cheroute. The South Indians called it cheroot.

The name stogie was also confused with the Conestoga wagons used to transport items in the USA. The shoes of the drivers of these wagons were called stogie. This is one of the reasons why a cigar lover might get angry if you consider a stogie and a cigar to be the same thing.

But this story also has a twist. These wagon drivers too liked to smoke cigars. Since they were slaves, they weren’t allowed to smoke the Conestoga cigar and had to make their own cigars. Soon, these were also called stogie.

After a lot of years have passed, stogie has been known as a very impromptu cigar that can be used to smoke if it can’t own an original one. This is why you should never smoke a stogie amongst cigar lovers.


Stogies became so popular, that even a Cuban cigar smoker and a great storyteller, Mark Twain too started smoking a stogie. This slang became so popular in a culture that people who could not afford a classic Cuban cigar started smoking stogies.


Since stogies are different from cigars and cigarettes they have a few advantages too over them:

  1. These are thin and long. This helps in avoiding too much ash at once.
  2. These are made out of pure tobacco, so they are better than cigarettes as they do not add harmful chemicals in them.
  3. Unlike cigars, they do not need to be cut and are ready to use.
  4. They do not have labels for which precautionary methods are needed.


Whether you smoke a cigar or a cigarette or even a miniature cigar such as a stogie, smoking is injurious. It is obviously bad for your health. Why? Because it makes you inhale chemicals like carbon monoxide (CO), nicotine, and ammonia (NH3). When these go inside your body, a lot of harm is done to your body which initially might go unnoticed, but when it comes to noticing it becomes too late. Here are some of the disadvantages of smoking a stogie:

     It might cause various kinds of mouth cancers.

  •  It might cause various kinds of mouth cancers.
  •  It might cause respiratory tract infections.
  •  It might cause lung cancer
  •  It might cause acidity.
  • It might cause gastrointestinal infection.
  • It might cause ulcers
  • It might cause cancer of the gut and the intestines.
  • It might reduce the immunity of the body and might make the body susceptible to more diseases.
  • It might cause hypertension and Coronary artery diseases.
  • This might lead to heart attacks and blockage in the arteries

There are many kinds of diseases that might come with smoking tobacco but can’t be directly related to smoking cigars, cigarettes, and stogies.


So, obviously cigars are not very good for health. Rather, they are more harmful than useful. These should be avoided at all costs. However, if you are stuck in one of those situations, where you can’t act as a health nazi, and you have to have a cigar, you can smoke it. But you have to make sure that you do it once in a while and this does not turn into a daily habit.

Smoking occasionally is less harmful than smoking daily. So try to avoid it whenever possible.


We have tried to compile an article about what is a stogie, how to smoke it, and how it is different from regular cigars and cigarettes. Though they aren’t as good as the regular cigars, they are still good to use for beginners.

The cigar lovers might not like it, but if you want to know what it feels to smoke a cigar at a lesser price you can try a stogie.

We have tried to compile a basic article about what is a stogie. We hope you got the required information regarding a stogie. Enjoy smoking but also stay safe! Remember, your health is more important than style!

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