Store Cigars Without a Humidor & Keep Them Fresh

Regardless of your smoking habits, with you being a beginner or a continuous user you should be pretty considerate about storing your cigars in a place that is apt for them. You don’t want to ruin a perfectly good collection, or a valuable gift by being careless in such a matter. We shall tell you here about how to keep those valuable collections damage-free and how to store cigars without a humidor.

A humidor is usually an airtight box where you keep the cigars but it isn’t always necessary to own one. You can adopt different methods that will also improve the mobility of these cigars too as humidors can be a bit movement restricting. Here are some handy tips on how to store cigars without a humidor which will keep your cigars at the correct humidity and good for use.

Correct Conditions for a Cigar

Your cigars should not be too moist or too dry. It would be perfect if they are stored in conditions where they can retain 70% humidity although a good 72 degrees temperature is also acceptable along with the humid condition. With either of these conditions broken, it can affect the taste of your cigar. You should also consider the condition of the cigar you receive before storing it.

But these being said a humidor will always be the perfect choice for storing your cigars and it stands unparalleled to any other fast tricks. Some of these cigars are rather expensive and them going to waste can be troublesome. So these conditions can be achieved by these sudden tips only for a short period of time even though they may be effective.

What is A Humidor?

Humidors are specially designed containers that help keep the optimal conditions for storing cigars. This is a good item as according to humidity the tobacco leaves expand and contract and after some time their flavor can be lost. Also, dry cigars burn too much without letting you enjoy it properly hence it is important to store them properly. There are small and large humidors you can choose according to your preferences but at the end of the day in case of immediate rescue, you may not always find a humidor on spot. Hence these little tricks may help you keep your cigars intact. Here are the cigar humidors reviews you can go through if you want to buy one.

Tips to Store Cigars Without a Humidor

There are some fairly handy and inexpensive solutions to your immediate problem of storing cigars. Even though these may be short-term, it can work for the time being. Most of the tricks mentioned below are easily maintainable and accessible to you so go through them accordingly.


Tupperware containers are spacious, thick, and air-tight. If you have many cigars to store then it is better to go for the Tupperware option as it serves as a big container option. You can add more humidity to the box by keeping a sponge in with the cigars adequately wetted.

While keeping moist sponges inside them, make sure to use distilled water and not tap water as there is always the risk of mold growing inside the sealed box. Also, tap water can indirectly affect the taste of your cigar. Tupperware containers are also pretty durable.


You can use any kind of jars like plastic, glass, etc. but make sure the lid is airtight. Jars can be used to store cigars in the cases where you only have a few cigars to store rather than an array of them. While storing in jars, since they are pretty compact they are also portable and they consume very little space when packing them. 

The same trick with the sponge in the Tupperware can be done here too and exactly like that situation you have to take caution that mold doesn’t grow here.

3.Mini coolers:

Storing your cigars in your fridge or freezer can ruin them but mini coolers are fine. This can be mainly adopted in case the cigar collection you have is huge. For more long term uses you may well adopt some humidifier options you can additionally fit the cooler to keep the humidity in check. Or else for the short term you can simply use the sponge the same way as specified above.

You just have to soak your sponge in distilled water, squeeze out the excess water and keep it along with your cigars in the cooler. A hygrometer can also be additionally fitted if you are looking at long term storage goals. Also, make sure that the cooler is neither full nor very empty but meets the appropriate volume conditions when storing your cigars.

4.Ziplock bags:

We have Ziploc bags everywhere for clean and airtight storage of food in the kitchen. They are easily available and are cheap. Same as how you did with the jar or Tupperware boxes, a sponge wet in distilled water is necessary while storing so that the moisture levels stay the same. 

This method can ensure your cigars remain intact for a few weeks with proper checking in on the moisture content of the sponge you have kept sealed in. But as available as they are, we do not recommend keeping them in there for too long.

5. Same box:

Cigars come in a special box aiming at its storage itself. The cigars can last for up to a month is right inside the box they came in. You have to make sure to store the box in a cool and dark area so that more damage is not damaged to the box with sunlight and heat exposure. While remaining inside the wrappers itself, your cigars should be pretty alright as they are designed to last that way.

6.Moisture beads:

Moisture beads are another great idea to make use of. You can put them along with your already wet sponge or you can always put them in alone. Either way moisture levels can be controlled. You can grab these pretty easily as these come with most new products or else you can purchase them at hardware stores as much as you want.

Moisture beads can be put along with jars, containers, and even storage boxes of your choice. But also at the same time make sure you are not overusing them and absorbing more than enough humidity as it can lead to your tobacco drying and losing its taste.

To Sum Up :

Cigars can be rather classy and expensive and you wouldn’t want to waste some quality products because of carelessness or unavailable resources. Even though a humidor is in fact the best solution so far, it may not be so in some emergency situations that suddenly sprung on you. Hence it is always cool to keep in mind some tips and tricks on how to store cigars without a humidor.

Given here are some rather simple methods you can follow anywhere so remember these the next time you need them. After going through these small yet efficient tips make sure to comment below how efficiently they worked so that your feedback can be added as further information.

Now with these tricks in mind fear not, for your cigars shall have good storage where they also taste as good as they came.

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