Right Ways To Hold A Cigar

Usually, people have a doubt on how to hold their cigars in a way that makes them look like a powerful person. Most people do not ask away because they do not want to feel like a noob. Here we are to give you a detailed guide to hold a cigar with style meanwhile taking into consideration the cigar-smoking etiquettes. You cannot just hold a cigar any way you want because the experienced ones might judge you for that. 

If you think that holding a cigar does not have any significance and that you can hold your cigar anyway you want, it might be a mistake. Holding a cigarette and holding a cigar is very different if you look at the historical references. In the old times, almost everyone had a cigar in hand and it is impossible to not notice the way every person held their cigars.

You might have mastered the art of cutting a cigar, lighting it, and also smoking it. However, holding the cigar is also an art as long as you want to define a statement to the world. If you want to know what way you should be holding your cigar while you casually take a puff, then let us help you with that. 

There are many different ways to hold a cigar and it is interesting to note that by changing your style of holding your cigar, you can intimidate a person around you. You can even change your smoking experience forever by just changing your style of holding a cigar.

How To Hold A Cigar

The way you hold your cigar will be giving away too much of your personality. Therefore, to make sure that people perceive your right kind of attitude and character, you need to make sure that you are holding your cigar exactly as you need to define your personality to those around you. However, there is a simple and mostly used way that is used by most of the people is, holding the cigar between your thumb and index finger. 

Usually, cigarettes are thinner and have a different style than that of a cigar. As a cigar is much thicker, most people feel comfortable giving most of the weight to them rather than the other fingers. Moreover, the thumb is the most comfortable part where your cigar can rest on your fingers.

There have been researches about what style of holding a cigar reflects what side of a person. You might think that you are just casually puffing a cigar while someone might be perceiving a lot about your character.

Therefore, to save you from giving away a negative vibe, here is a list of ways of holding a cigar that you can choose from while you smoke comfortably.

The one position that has been proved to be the most impactful is the ‘Boss Grip’ which shows a lot of bossiness, authority, and power. Let us start from there. A boss grip is usually the most common way which you should accept. This usually comprises a way where your index is holding the cigar while it rests flat on all your fingers along with the thumb. 

People who usually hold their cigar this way are perceived to be more cheerful, sociable, and very self-willed in their character. Most of the time, these people are more likely to take control of every situation. The people who hold their cigar the boss way tend to make people believe that they are the one in charge of the place.

Another way is the respectful grip which is also a widely used style. This style lets you hold your cigar with your index finger and your thumb exactly by the way you hold a pen. This is a demanding pose and people with this habit are usually the most respected ones in the crowd. These people ask for respect without telling and thus this is a very intimidating style of holding a cigar. These people are more likely to be seen as the hard-working type.

These positions define what type of a person you are at the end of the day. It shows how much you worked the whole day to deserve that smoking experience while calming all the nerves in your body while you sit back and relax. That is the moment when you admire the burning stick between your fingers which does the magic of soothing you.

Cigar Etiquette

While you were never aware that there are some etiquettes too while you hold your cigar while you enjoy it. A list of rules to hold your cigar was introduced in the year 1967. A swiss tobacconist published an article stating the ways and rules that you should follow while you smoke your cigar. For all the cigar connoisseurs out there, here are your rules:

  • You should always smoke the cigar till half away only. You should never finish it off. This is an expressive way to pay a tribute to your cigar which has served the purpose of satisfying you. 
  • You will need to let the cigar burn out by itself. You should never force it to put it out as it is against the cigar etiquette.
  • There is another rule that you need to keep in mind while smoking a cigar. You should never ask someone else to light your cigar because that way you are giving this power to someone else. You should always be able to light your own cigar. The power must remain in your own hands.
  • Never walk while you smoke. Cigar’s sole purpose is to give you relaxation and soothing experience and you should enjoy sitting down or standing still without holding it and walking restlessly. Your cigar should be enjoyed while you smoke it calmly.
  • If a cigar is already smoked more than two-thirds parts of the whole cigar then you must never light it again for another smoke. This shows your aristocratic nature and the cigar worth is lost when you relight it after the cigar has served you well the first time.

If you want to read the essay, you must give it a try and enjoy all the facts, rules, etiquettes, and everything the writer wants all the cigar aficionados should know.

How not to hold a cigar

You are now aware of how to hold a cigar and as we saw, there are many different ways to hold it. However, you should always keep in mind that there are some ways in which you should never hold a cigar. In case you are unable to find the way in which you hold your cigar in the listed ways, chances are that you are holding it the wrong way.

The worst way to hold a cigar is to hold it like a cigarette. It is considered as an insult to the cigar as in the matter of respect, cigar holds the most respectable position, and to hold it like a cigarette is ruining the experience of smoking the cigar. You should keep in mind that a cigar is much-much larger than a cigarette and it holds a risk of dropping it if it is not held properly or not given the support it needs.


Until and unless you disrespect your cigar by holding it like a cigarette, you are good to go. Also, the bottom line of smoking a cigar comes down to relaxation and comfort and should never be looked at as a responsibility with rules. if you are looking for the best cigars list you can check out .

This article tells you the type of personality and attitude you show when you hold your cigar in your hand.  At the end of the day, the only thing that should matter to you is to be able to hold your cigar in the most comfortable way you can and there are many ways you can try to choose the most comfortable way.

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