Reasons Why Do People Smoke Cigars?

Have you ever noticed there is a difference between a person smoking a cigar and a cigarette? Apart from the method of smoking or the price. I am talking about the savage look that a person has when he smokes a cigar. Let me explain this through an example. Are you a fan of Hugh Jackman? Come on, who doesn’t like him. Especially in the movie Wolverine, he lits up his cigar with a swag. He uses his claws to break open the gas tank which leads to an explosion and this in turn leads to lighting the cigar in his mouth, amidst facing his enemies who had surrounded him. Agree with it or not, that was a boss moment in the movie. The other character who smokes cigar that I like is Frank played by Dany Devito in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. When he lits up that cigar, he does give the impression that everything is under control.  There are many other characters like these, be it a hero or a villain, they bring in a different personality when they smoke a cigar.

Well, these are just movie characters. But some people smoke cigars in real life. For instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Madonna, Bill Clinton, Al Pacino, and the list can go on.  There are various reasons some people choose a cigar over a cigarette. It could be the price, the time spent smoking one cigar, the method, or maybe just for the love for cigars.

Why Do People Smoke Cigars?

#1 Celebration

Technically you don’t need a reason to lit up a cigar. But lighting up a cigar becomes special when there is a reason for celebration. Well, there can be ‘n’ number of reasons for the celebration. It could be that you got a promotion, or you are going to get married, or you are going to become a parent for the first time, or starting a new business, or could be your 25th wedding anniversary or maybe the team you are rooting for has won the tournament or series. The list can go on. There is no better feeling when you lit up a cigar and have a fun time with your friends and family to mark these special moments in your life.

#2 Complexity of Flavors

Oh boy! Talking about the flavors of cigars, you get a lot of options to choose from. It can mainly be divided into four categories. They are Plant-based, Animal-based, Spices based, and miscellaneous. Each of these categories is further sub-divided into many flavors. You name it, you will find the flavor. The flavors of a cigar can range from a woody flavor to a  coffee/tea flavor to a floral or herbs flavor to toasty or buttery flavor. You can even get a meaty flavor or a synthetic flavor like rubber or plastic. I mean, there is an array of flavors available in the market. It looks like cigars have more flavors than ice-cream. 

Once you start smoking a cigar either you would want to try different flavors or you would have a favorite. In both cases, you are in the habit of smoking cigars.

# 3 Pairing

You can pair the cigar literally with everything. Especially when you pair a cigar with the right alcohol. Many people like to light up a cigar and drink a single malt of scotch, after a long busy day. It helps them to relax. For some people, it’s about the complimentary flavor they like to taste when a cigar is paired with a beer, scotch, whiskey, rum, wine, or any cocktail. You can even pair a cigar with coffee. Yes, there are a few people who like to have their evening coffee with a cigar. If you can pair the right coffee beans that go with a cigar, you might just introduce a unique taste to your taste palette. Apart from this, it allows you to enjoy two of your favorite things at the same time.

#4 Relaxation & Pleasure

The main reason people smoke cigars is for the pleasure and relaxation they get after smoking. It takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete one cigar, depending upon the type of cigar. As you can’t smoke a cigar in a closed room, people like to smoke sitting in their balcony or garden enjoying nature or reading a book.  This not only helps to relax your mind but also helps to connect with yourself. You are taking out time from your busy life for at least 30 minutes. And there is some kind of pleasure you get after or while smoking a cigar. That can be explained only if you have smoked one. Some people smoke cigars to cope up with their anxiety. The feelings are not the same when smoking a cigarette. It is said that once a smoker has experienced the feeling of smoking a cigar, then there is no going back to cigarettes. 

#5 Camaraderie & Discussions

Smoking of cigar becomes more interesting when it’s done with your friends or colleagues. As mentioned above, it takes time to complete one cigar. When you are at a party or a social gathering you get to meet a fellow cigar smoker. With that person, you can have a lot of discussions and debates on various topics. In this way, you get to connect with people and also be exposed to a different perspective/ideas or you might end up having an idea for a startup. Whereas when you smoke a cigarette you won’t have a long conversation with someone. You do build camaraderie when you smoke a cigar and not a cigarette.

#6 Style

One of the key differences you see between a person smoking a cigar and a cigarette is their style. It doesn’t matter if you are a billionaire or an upper class or a middle class. The moment a person holds a cigar the whole personality of that person changes. The process of smoking a cigar is different from that of smoking a cigarette. There is a method to smoke a cigar. From buying accessories for the cigar like humidor, lighter, cutter to the way you hold to the way you smoke the cigar, everything has a style to it. There is a sense of pride and respect you feel when you hold a premium quality cigar.

#7 Luxurious Lifestyle

There are many reasons for people to smoke cigars. But one of the main reasons a person smokes cigar is a sense of luxury they feel when they are holding a cigar between their two fingers. You rarely see a person smoking a cigar on a footpath in the middle of the road. There is always a time and place to smoke cigars. And not everyone smokes a cigar. Just like only some people go for premium products. Some people like to feel that luxury when they go to visit cigar shops or a cigar lounge. Especially they like the feeling of the cigar lounge that has leather sofas, great music, good ambiance, and a lot of options for cocktails and alcohol. Not just that, they also get to meet like-minded people. So, some of the cigar smokers like to have a lifestyle where they can go to such lounges and be surrounded by men and women who are humble, open-minded, and self-made.


There are a lot of reasons for a person to smoke a cigar. It’s not really about the characteristics of the cigar. It’s more about personal taste and how much a person enjoys smoking a cigar. No one can explain the heavenly experience of smoking a cigar.


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