Cigar Etiquettes , The Do’s & Dont’s Of Smoking Cigars

Cigars have been known as the epitome of style. Something that macho men or sailors smoke in their past time. Throughout history, men have been shown smoking cigars as a symbol of style and machoism. What many people don’t know is that cigars are not gender-specific. Women and queer people smoke it too.

So what is a cigar actually? Cigars are rolls of various sizes filled with dried tobacco which can be lit from one end and smoked from the other. Their miniature versions are now known as cigarettes. Both of them are harmful as well as addictive.

These can cause problems like asphyxiation, breathing problems, lung cancer, blood cancer, cancer of the abdomen, acidity, hypertension, heart problems, infections, and even problems of the bones. Overall, they aren’t very good for the body. Then why do people smoke it?

This is because tobacco helps in clearing the intestines and helps people with constipation and also helps in times of critical thinking. But these benefits are not enough to make it fit for consumption. Yet people consume it on a regular basis.

If you too are a regular consumer of tobacco based cigars then there are certain etiquettes you should keep in mind while smoking. Some of them are as follows:

Cigar etiquettes

These are not written anywhere on the box of cigars nor do they come in any advertisement. Cut since smoking cigars is considered aesthetic, there should be a proper style in the way you smoke it. Here are some unwritten rules that people who enjoy cigar take care of. These are as follows:

The Dos of smoking a cigar

#1 Cutting the cigar

Many times you might get excited about using a cigar. In anticipation, you might cut it in the wrong way. There is a particular way of doing things. Cutting a cigar too has a unique way. The article on How to Cut a Cigar Without a Cutter helps.

Cigar lovers call it the art of cutting a cigar. Here we can teach you that art. Make sure you don’t use steak or a regular kitchen knife to cut the cigar. Cigars have to be cut by special cutters.

You can cut your cigar with a straight cutter which is also known as the guillotine style cutter. This type of cutter helps in drawing a puff more easily.

You should always cut the top of the shoulder of your cigar and try not to cut very deep. This prevents from tobacco to go directly in your mouth.

#2 Lighting the cigar

Like South Indian actor Mr. Rajnikanth lighted his cigars in movies, in actuality to there is a proper way and unique style of lighting cigars. Try to keep the flame a bit away from the foot of the cigar you are trying to light. If the foot is inside the flame it might burn all the components immediately and your mouth will taste like butane.

You have to try and toast the cigar by gently rolling it over the flame from a short distance. When you are turning and rolling your s=cigar make sure you take puffs from it to make the process easier.

Once the cigar has been lit, you have to blow on it so that the ash becomes even.

 #3 Ashing the cigar

It is the most important thing to do if you are smoking indoors. Make sure that you are disposing of the cigar safely without making much mess. You should keep ashing after certain intervals and not wait for a longer time. This is because it might fall on your clothes and might cause a burn injury.

Make sure you do not throw your burnt cigar onto the ashtray. It has to be burnt off gently so that it does not leave an uneven burn.

#4 Sharing the cigar

It sounds rude to have a cigar for yourself in a party while others can only witness you. Be the cool one in the circle. But the affordable party pack of cigars that you can bring out in parties and have it with your gang over a couple of drinks.

The Don’ts of smoking a cigar

#1 Do not lick the cigar

Many people like to try the real taste of tobacco. It is sometimes considered okay. Although we would not recommend it because of the health hazards. Especially after the cigar has been lit, licking it would be a strict no.

If you don’t have your own cutter, please do not lick the cigar as it would become unhygienic for your friend.

#2 Don’t dip your cigar in your drink

If you want to have a combo flavor of your drink and the cigar, please do not dip it in the drink. This is because the cigar might get plugged and will thus become unsmokeable. Try to take a sip of the drink in between the cigar puffs and you will find that taste much better than the taste of cigar in the alcohol.

#3 Don’t take off the band of the cigar

Firstly, if you have smoked cigar for the first time, it can be kept as a beautiful souvenir. Secondly, if you have tried a new brand of cigar, you might like to buy more from the same brand. Thus you can keep it on for reference.

Obviously you would not want to smoke plastic. This brings us to the most important advantage of this point. You might want to remove the band. But removing the band might loosen the cigar components. If you still want to remove the cigar bands, make sure you are almost at the end of the cigar, so that it does not crumble and does not go wasted.

#4 Don’t cut your cigar

You can obviously cut the head of the cigar but you word not want to cut the cigar in half or out of proportion as it would be an utter waste, both of money and the cigar. The components might come out and the cigar would be of no use. Try to cut it only from the end and not in between.

#5 Don’t throw away your half-burnt cigar

Cigars are stylish and hence they are also expensive. Try to utilize it fully and don’t throw them away in a humidifier when you get tired. Try to put it out gently and make sure they can be used again. Also, don’t let anybody else smoke your previously smoked cigar as it is very unhygienic.

#6 Don’t smosh out your cigar in the ashtray when you’re done smoking

When you are done smoking, try not to smosh it into the ashtray. Usually, good cigars burn out on their own when not smoked for a long time. Also, make sure they are completely extinguished before you leave the room as you might not like unwanted fires in your living space.


We have tried to compile an article on the etiquettes to be followed while smoking a cigar. This is not just for your safety and enjoyment, but it also takes care of your social life. We don’t want you to be that boomer who doesn’t catch up with these details.

We hope you liked it. Enjoy the party!

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