Best Golf Cigar Holders 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

A day out in the golf field will be incomplete without cigars. Hanging out with your golf buddies naturally require the flavour of cigars. The problem arises when you are not equipped with a proper cigar holder while playing golf. Some can manage to keep cigars on their mouth as they play and keep taking intermittent puffs. However, most people cannot carry it well for a long time. 

As dropping your premium quality cigars on the grass or golf bag is not a good idea, you need a good cigar holder that fits well on your golf cart or bag. Golf cigar holders are designed with a clip that you can simply attach on a golf cart or bag. With this, you can continue taking shots and puffs whenever you feel like. This article brings to you, the most recommended golf cigar holders available in the market.   

You would not want to leave your cigars on wet grounds while taking golf shots with your friends. For carrying your quality cigars, you require a highly efficient cigar holder. As the types and design of each product varies, you need an overview of all the golf cigar holders that sell the most. Here are some of the high-quality cigar holders that can accompany you to the golf club.

Best Golf Cigar Holders

#1 Cigar Minder Clip

This is a plain clip holder that does its job efficiently. This lightweight product exerts slight pressure with its springs that can hold your cigars without causing tear or damage. It is designed for vertical clasping of the cigar, which lets you keep it lighted and take puffs in between the game. Cigar Minder Clip has the capacity to keep cigars of a maximum ring gauge of 54. Another major benefit of this product is that you can attach it into anything. The clip extends to hold on to both small and large objects. You can even clip it on your bike’s handle while riding it. Be it the golf cart or bag or even a hanger, you can clip this holder onto it. Moreover, it comes in bright colours to make sure you would not miss it on the ground. 


  • Fits both small and large cigars
  • Can attach to almost anything
  • Vertical holder permits you to keep the cigar lit


  • Some people find the spring going loose at times


#2 Perfecto Cigar Holder

This cigar has an elegant and classy look that catches anyone’s eye. This dual-purpose product acts both as a cigar holder and as an ashtray. As it is made of strong nylon, there are no risks of melting, burning or any such consequences of heat. It can be attached to anything with its enlarging clips. Apart from golf clubs, you can take it to your workshop, car or boat and enjoy your cigar without worrying about the ash. You can hold cigars of up to 80-ring gauge in this holder, which is pretty much the largest cigar size. This holder does not squeeze or tear your cigar, but holds it gently. 


  • Serves the purpose of a cigar holder and ashtray
  • Classy and attractive appearance
  • Heat resistant Nylon body


  • The ashtray is open, which blows away the ash


#3 Golf JOC Cigar Caddy 

This multipurpose cigar holder makes many jobs on a golf course convenient for you. You will not have to place your cigar on the grass or golf cart, but can easily attach it on your belt with this holder. This serves the purpose of a club caddy with which you can hold your golf club safely. All golf grounds have divots that make the ground messy and inconvenient for a good strike. This cigar holder is equipped with a divot-repairing tool that lets you easily fix the ground. Instead of a clip, this holder balances steadily on its curvy bottom. This small gadget serves four purposes including the work of a putter holder, and fits in well inside your bags or belt buckles.


  • Does not contain chemicals that can affect your cigar
  • Multi-purpose cigar and golf holder
  • Fit for repairing divots
  • Attachable to your belt buckles


  • As it does not have latches, the gadget becomes flimsy and shaky


#4 The Ninety Degree Wedge The Ultimate Premium & Versatile, Magnetic Cigar Holder

Made out of genuine Nylon, this cigar holder can accommodate large cigars of up to 60-ring gauge. It is designed in the shape of a pipe and does not have latches to clasp your cigar. Therefore, the risk of damaging or tearing the cigar is completely avoided in this case. The magnetic mount permits an easy attachment of the device to metallic surfaces. It has a vertical orientation that is ideal for keeping your cigar burning. With the strong and quality design, this product is durable and trustworthy.


  • Goes well with the golf cart and any metallic objects
  • Stable and firm
  • Capable of holding cigars with a maximum of 60-ring gauge


  • The gadget is deep and does not permit you to take the cigar out once half of it burns up


#5  Stage V Clinger Holder Damage-Free Clip

This gadget offers an efficient solution for losing or missing out your cigars on the golf club, car or anywhere else. Equipped with neodymium magnets, you can fix it on any object and be assured that your fine cigars are secure. This gadget has flexible holders that ensure a damage-free keeping of your cigar. As it holds your cigar gently, the risk of squeezing or crushing is avoided. It is designed with spring steel that makes it stand steady. With just 0.81 ounces, this product is light and easy to carry around.


  • The efficient magnets hold it steady and unshaken
  • Free from tearing and pinching
  • Lightweight and durable


  • The magnet can lose its efficiency with a few uses


#6 JP Lann Golf Cigar Holder Clip for Golfers

This cigar holder is compatible with any objects and can even be fixed on the ground. With an attractive black colour, it efficiently does the job of keeping your cigars safe. Made of genuine polymer, it ensures a durable life. It is flexible enough to occupy cigars with a greater ring gauge. This compact gadget can fit easily in your golf bag and does not take up much space. It is equipped with light handles that do not exert huge power on the cigar, thus avoiding crushing and tearing.


  • Compact and light
  • Free of crushing and squeezing the cigar
  • Low price


  • As the clasp is not tight, the cigar might go loose and fall down


#7 Grip Clip Cigar Holder

This fashionable cigar holder made out of mahogany wood offers a classy look. The design is crafty and interesting, making it appropriate for holding the cigar vertically as well as horizontally. The smart design allows a protective clasping of cigars of any size. It attaches effortlessly to most of the objects such as chairs, golf carts and bags. This versatile gadget ensures to keep your cigar dry, spotless and secure. With the attractive wood design, it becomes a suitable piece for gifting.


  • Elegant look with mahogany construction
  • Capable to hold cigars of any size
  • Has a good grip over the cigar


  • Heat can discolour the mahogany holder


Buyers’ Guide For Golf Cigar Holder

There are some important factors to consider before buying a golf cigar holder. Even though each product varies according to the design and features, some common factors for cigar holders can be examined to find the most suitable one for you.

  • Portability: As a golf cigar holder needs to be taken to the field, the gadget has to be mobile. It is better if the product is light and compact, making it easier to carry around.
  • Material Used: The material used for constructing the product plays an important role in its reliability. It must be made out of heat resistant materials that would not melt or burn down in heat. Keeping in mind that the product has to hold a lit cigar, make sure the material is not flammable. 
  • Grip: As the primary duty of a cigar holder is to hold a cigar, you have to make sure that the grip exerted is appropriate. It must not exert a tight grip that might crush the cigar or a loose grip that can drop the cigar.
  • Ring Gauge: Make sure that the gadget offers enough space to accommodate the type of cigars you use. If the ring gauge offered by the product is less, it can squeeze your cigar.


Playing golf and smoking cigars has always gone hand in hand. If you love spending time at the golf club and puffing your cigar while taking shots, you would need a good cigar holder too. To avoid dropping your cigars carelessly on the ground, you have to ensure that the cigar holder does its job efficiently. This article gives you an overview of the seven best golf cigar holders available in the market. A buyers’ guide is also included to assist you in making the right pick.

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