Best Electric Cigar Humidor 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Cigars need to be stored in a controlled environment to ensure that they don’t dry off or get crushed or get damaged accidently. As you all might be well aware, Cigar Humidors are used to store your favourite cigars in the most appropriate manner and in a controlled environment for a long time. 

In this article we’ll have a look at the best electric cigar humidors. If you’d like to know more about the best cigar humidors in different categories, just check our other article “Best Cigar Humidors 2020

We have conducted an extensive research and shortlisted the Best Electronic Cigar Humidors to help you make the right decision. 

So, let’s get started. 

There are many companies which manufacture cigar humidors but as per our research just 2-3 of them have managed to get overall good ratings in online reviews. 

These companies also have a good product range in the “electronic cigar humidor” category and their customer service reviews are also pretty good. The names of the companies are: i) Whynter & ii) Audew

We will keep updating our list as and when we find innovative products with good ratings.

To begin with, we’ll have a look at Whynter Electric Cigar Humidors

Most successful models of Whynter Humidors

  • Whynter CHC-120S
  • Whynter CHC-122BD
  • Whynter CHC-172BD
  • Whynter CHC-251S
  • Whynter CWC-351DD

Most Successful models of Audew cigar humidors 

  • Audew JC-23C1
  • Audew 300

 Whynter Electric Humidors 2020

The Whynter Humidors are designed to help store cigars at an optimal humidity of 62-75% at room temperature. 



The features of both the Whynter models 120S and 122BD are more or less same. They hold around 250+ cigars, have 2 flat shelves and 1 drawer. Their dimensions are also same (13.5″ W x 20″ D x 18″ H) and they both weigh around 27 lbs. 

Both the Whynter 120S and 122BD models have clear doors which allows you to see all your cigar boxes and also have a convenient pull-out drawer which can be used as a storage for loose cigars. The drawers and shelves in both the humidors are made of Spanish Cedar. 

Both the models provide vibration-free thermoelectric cooling. 


The Whynter CHC-172BD can store up to 350+ Cigars. It has 3 Removable Spanish Cedar drawers and 2 shelves. It is also equipped with a humidity tray and hygrometer. It has an adjustable thermostat with temperature range from 50ºF – 66ºF. Its overall dimensions are 13.5″W x 20″ D x 25.5″ H



The Whynter CHC-251S can store up to 400+ Cigars. It has 2 removable Spanish Cedar drawers and 4 flat shelves. It has a thermoelectric cooling sytem and an adjustable thermostat with temperature range from 54ºF – 66ºF. Its overall dimensions are 17″ W x 20″ D x 28″ H



Apart from a storing capacity of 350+ cigars, the Whynter CWC 351D can store up to 16 standard 750ml wine bottles. It has 7 removable wine shelves and 3 drawers made of Spanish Cedar. It has an adjustable thermostat with temperature range from 44°F – 66°F. Its overall dimensions are 21″ W x 21″ D x 33″ H

Now, that we have had a look at all major Whynter Humidor models, let’s have a look at some popular Audew Humidors.



The Audew JC-23C1 can store up to 150 Cigars. It has 2 adjustable Spanish Cedar wood shelves and 1 adjustable Spanish Cedar Wood Tray. It has a beautiful touch screen control panel. 

It operates on inverter technology which adjusts the power automatically and saves energy. 



The Audew 300 has a five-tier storage and can store up to 300 cigars. It has 3 adjustable shelves and 1 adjustable drawer. 

It has an adjustable temperature control mechanism on the panel wherein the temperature can be set from 54°F to 74°F. The Audew 300 also has an inbuilt moisture container (works better with humidity packs) which helps in adjusting the humidity better. 


Final Words It is important to look for a cigar humidor that will keep your favourite cigars moist and fresh for the time they are in storage for whatever reason.   Before we end this, a word of caution – whichever humidor you choose to buy, you will need to a) regulate the temperature and humidity levels as per the requirement of your cigars b) you’ll need to monitor your cigars on a regular basis to ensure that everything’s working fine. 

Hope you have a wonderful cigar experience! 

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