The 6 Best Drinks With Cigar

Cigars have been popular among people since Clint Eastwood first held a cigar in his mouth in the cowboy movies of Old Hollywood. The main problem which the people having cigar come across is that they cannot seem to find the drink which complements their cigar. If you are facing a similar problem then this the ideal article which you have opened. We have given you a list that entails six drinks that go with your cigar.

What is A CIGAR?

If you are a newbie and do not know what is a cigar, then to explain to you cigar, is a kind of tobacco that is made of rolled tobacco leaves. The cigar is available in many sorts of shapes and sizes. Here are the list of cigars for beginners.

The 6 Drinks Which Go With Cigar


Many smokers simply choose water to help when they are smoking. The better option would have a cigar with cooled down water because cold water might destroy the sensation of the cigar. While some prefer ice water because it provides you with a tropical experience.  You can Keep  6-pack of Italian sparkling water on hand.

Sometimes the cigar also tastes good with a carbonated drink. The drink could also be the bottled water from Fiji. So, if you want a cool drink, cold drink, sparkling water, or just simple water, the choice is yours. But, rest assured all these types of water taste good with the cigar. So, you can use any one of them.


Beer tastes amazing with cigars and will give you a nice experience. It tastes better than most kinds of carbonated drinks.

The most desired kind of beers could the rich and dark type of beers that are known as stouts. Guinness is another company of beer which makes some of the best beers that you can easily consume with your cigar. These beers are generally given to customers at a cold temperature which enhances the taste of the beer.  

Budweiser is another company that produces a beer that you can have with your cigar, while another company would be Lone Star, which is celebrated in Texas. However, out of all these kinds of beers, the best would be the homemade beer which you have brewed all by yourself. 

There is a Grainfather beer kit that consists of all the know-how which goes behind making your beer. This is a brewing kit from where you can easily create your beer. There is a book written by John J. Palmer which will help you know all you have to know about making your beer. 

3.Soft Drinks

Cigars taste well with soft drinks that have been carbonated. However, some people might have a problem with the sugar content present in the drink. If you belong to that category, then you could probably try the diet coke because it is not as sweet as the normal soft or cold drinks. 

The 12-pack Diet Coke is also not recommended because it just simply tastes bland and you will feel that you just drank battery acid. Better than that would be the Boylan Diet Cane Soda that is free of sugar and all kinds of sugary material. This drink is authentic because it has a recipe that is almost a hundred years old. 

The other diet soda which we recommend is the root beer from Zevia that has an almost null calorie intake. The taste is also amazing and it is sort of creamy. The best kind of diet cokes that fantastically complement cigars is those which are creamy.


Wine may also taste good with your cigar. The red wine is better than white wine when it comes to cigars. The Merlot wine which is smoky and tastes good is good for cigars. They taste good with a cigar. 

Wine, though not highly recommended can taste good with a cigar. However, do not try the white wine because that will spoil the taste of your cigar.  Try the red wine which is thick and tastes superb with a cigar.


Coffee is also another sort of drink that complements a cigar. Strong coffee is a good drink which makes the cigar taste good but the blends which are made of latte do not taste so good. The best thing which we recommend would be to strike a balance between your coffee and cigar. Like espresso is something that complements the cigar, Maduro. If you are consuming a creamy cigar then one of the breakfast coffee that is made of the latte will go well with it. 

The darker kind of coffee tastes best with cigar out of all the different varieties of coffee. You can also make your coffee and make it as much dark as you like it. When you make your coffee it will be the best because it will complement your cigar. You can get Dark Roast Ground Coffee and enjoy it.

6.Hard Liquor

Hard liquor is something that suits perfectly with a cigar.  The best kind of hard liquor would be scotch or brandy. Even bourbon is a good choice. Malt scotch also tastes superb with a cigar. These are some of the best kinds of hard drinks which will surely enhance your cigar eating experience. 

A strong cigar should taste well with a strong drink. You should add ice to the drink to improve the taste of the drink. Without the addition of ice, the drink might lose its flavor. The scotch tastes well with water and while having your cigar it is recommended for you to add water to the drink. A smooth cigar tastes best when you add some water to your scotch.  

Whiskeys are not the only option for cigars. Rums have also been found to taste good with cigars. Tequilas are also known to taste good with a cigar. 

You can also choose to have your cigar with a mixed drink but it will probably taste better if the drink is sweet. A dirty Martini is also a good choice for your cigar. It is a nice drink for all kinds of stogies.


Cigars with drinks definitely will improve your experience while having a cigar. Sometimes even having water with your cigar is good and one of the best choices could be just simply sparkling water. 

Always drink something which complements the cigar. For a dark cigar, you should try to have a drink which is also strong and powerful. Espresso is a nicely flavored strong drink which is a good option for a cigar. The cigar is something that also tastes good with a cigar. There are many fine liquor’s which nicely complements your cigar. 

For a cigar which is light and creamy, it is nice to have a drink that is a diet version of a soft drink. This will surely improve your experience and make it one worth remembering. Sweet drink complements a sweet cigar and strong drink complements a strong cigar.

I hope this article has helped you in choosing the best drink that will certainly suit your cigar and will be palpable. One advice is that always choose a drink which will suit your preference. Find the sort of drink that is best for you and your cigar preference.  

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