Best Cigar Lighters 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Properly lighting a cigar is the first step to feel the essence of your cigar. Lighting a cigar takes a little more time than lighting the tip of a cigarette or the wick of a candle. If you want to buy cigar lighter then here are the Best Cigar Lighters 2020 Reviews can help you to purchase the suitable lighter for you.

There are three main tools used to light a cigar: 

  1. Cigar Lighter
  2. Wooden Matches 
  3. Cedar Spill

You may use the tool of your choice, but do make sure that you keep in mind the following points

  • Lighting a cigar is like an art. 
  • Before you light up your cigar, you’ll have cut the other end so that air can pass through. 
  • While you bring your Cigar close to your lighter, make sure you rotate the cigar so that all the parts of its tip receive equal heat and keep on rotating until the cigar’s tip gets a burning ring on its edge. 
  • Take your first puff from the other end. 
  • Raise the unlit end of the cigar to your mouth and take the first puff. Do make sure that the ember burns evenly. 

If you need to know how to light a cigar in a proper way – or in other words, the most preferred way to light a Cigar, just let us know in the comments box below and we’ll post another article with all the details. 

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of lighting a Cigar, let’s discuss the tools mentioned above.

  • Cigar Lighters
  • Wooden Matches
  • Cedar Spill

Cigar Lighters 

There are several different types of lighters available in the market. Zippo and Bic lighters are amongst the most well-known type of lighters. 

Zippos: You can start a flame and let it burn without any effort as much as you want. The only draw-back is the fuel tends to evaporate if you don’t use it on a regular basis. 

There is no thumb rule to buy a cigar lighter – it’s more like a matter of personal choice. There are just a couple of things you need to keep in mind like 

  1. a) it should ignite easily 
  2. b) it should fit in your hand/ pocket easily (if you prefer to carry it with you)
  3. c) it should contain easily refillable gas preferably odourless. 
  4. d) it should be maintenance free

Now some people might definitely think:

Are Zippo lighters good for cigars?

Well the answer will be “No”. Zippos are not usually preferred by Cigar lovers as it leaves a weird smell (because of its fuel) which somehow impacts the flavour of your cigar. 

Luckily there are some very good companies who manufacture excellent lighters especially for Cigars. Most of these lighters use butane gas as it’s odourless and so does impact the flavour of the Cigar.

Some of the most well-known brands which manufacture lighters are: 

  • Vertigo cigar lighters
  • Xikar cigar lighter
  • Colibri cigar lighter
  • Bugati cigar lighter
  • Lotus cigar lighter
  • Dupont cigar lighter

If you want to check-out all the lighters made by any of the above brands, just click on your favourite brand. 

For now, we have listed below 5 best-selling cigar lighters for you to help you make a quick decision. 

Most of the lighters sorted by us are torch lighters as they help to light your cigars quickly, irrespective of the surrounding climatic condition

Best Cigar Lighters 2020

#1 Vertigo Triple Torch Cigar Lighter 

This lighter from Vertigo is a Triple Flame Torch Lighter. It is perfect to be taken anywhere and can outperform most of the other lighters in this price category. It comes with an attractive carrying case and you can easily view how much gas is left. 


#2 Triad Black Matte Triple Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

This cigar lighter has an adjustable flame setting and it comes with a 7mm cigar punch.  You can get a free engraving done in Roman Block font. 


3. Alec Bradley  Table Cigar Lighter

This is a table top cigar lighter which gives a large soft flame (the flame is adjustable with a simple knob). It has a plastic body but still it does a pretty good job and lights up to 1000 cigars before it needs refuelling.


#4 PIPITA Cigar Lighters

This is a solid well built lighter with an easy to use punch for cigars. It automatically opens when the striker is pushed down and latches when you close it. The best part is that it can easily fit in the shirt pocket nicely. The flame level can be adjusted by using a screwdriver or a knife. 


#5 Jetline Diego Triple Torch – Cigar Lighter with Punch Cutter

The Jetline Diego is a triple flame pocket lighter with a single action trigger to open the cap and ignite the flame – both with a single push. 

Now that we have seen the top selling cigar lighters, let’s have a look at all the top models of the most famous cigar lighter brands: 


  • Lotus / Vertigo cigar lighters
  • Xikar cigar lighters
  • Colibri cigar lighters
  • Dupont cigar lighter

Lotus / Vertigo cigar lighters

  1. Lotus Duke L60 Triple Flame Lighter 

The Lotus Duke is a triple flame lighter with a 60 Ring Gauge cigar cutter. It has very smooth slide operation and its flames are pretty consistent. 

The cutter is also large and sharp and can fit most of the cigars. It comes with a 2 year warranty. 


2 Lotus Defiant Quad Pinpoint Lighter

This model of Lotus Quad torch is an all metal model and features a single action ignition and it also consists of a large flame adjuster, fuel level window and 10 mm retractable cigar punch.


3.Lotus VGS Travel Humidor Lighter Cutter Set

This lighter is part of the travel kit which also includes a humidor and a cutter set. The humidor will protect the cigars and store them in optimum condition for a long time whereas the cutter will easily cut up to 60 RG of cigars

As for the lighter itself, it’s a windproof triple flame torch lighter with a built-in cigar punch.


Xikar cigar lighters

  1. Xikar High Performance HP4 Diamond Quad Flame Cigar Lighter

The Xikar HP4 is one of the best lighters in its category. It delivers an optimum performance with its four angled jets which create an apex of precision engineered flames to concentrate heat and efficiently. It also has an inline fuel adjustment wheel and an oversized double EZ-view fuel window. 

The best part it comes with a lifetime warranty which itself is a confirmation of excellent quality. 


  1. Xikar Lighter Element ELX

As with all Xikar Lighters, the ELX has enhanced its design and comes loaded with a Double jet flame lighter and a built-in 9mm cigar punch. 

It has a protective lid, an adjustment wheel and an easy-to-see fuel window. 


Colibri cigar lighters

  1. Colibri “Daytona” Single Jet Flame Lighter

The Daytona has a single-jet flame lighter which is located at the top center of the body. It has six air intake vents to feed the flame with plenty of oxygen. 

The Daytona wind resistant lighter comes with a 2-year warranty. 


  1. Colibri Lighter Slide Double-Jet Flame 

The Colibri double-jet emits a powerful wind-resistant pyramid flame. It has an easy to read blue fuel level window and a 7mm cigar punch on its back. 

The Colibri double-jet comes with a 2-year warranty.



  1. Colibri Quantum Triple Jet Lighter 

The Colibri Quantum is perhaps the first triple jet lighter with an inbuilt V Cutter. The lighter gives a fantastic wind-resistant flame and the cutter also gives a deep V-Cut. 

Like all Colibri products, this lighter also comes with a 2-year warranty


Dupont cigar lighter

  1. S.T. Dupont Maxijet Cigar Lighter

The Dupont Maxijet emits a powerful windproof jet-flame, making it an all-weather lighter. It’s simple, light-weight and ergonomic to use. 


  1. S.T. Dupont Torch Lighter Defi Extreme

The Dupont Defi Vintage lighter can perform even in extreme windy conditions, thanks to its electronic ignition torch and powerful flame. 

Its coppery and black hue gives it a chic retro look.


  1. S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Shiny Chrome Jet Lighter

Dupont Slim 7 Lighter is one of the world’s slimmest luxury lighters weighting just 45 grams. 

It has a metal bidy and comes in many attractive colours


Now that we have had a look at many models of lighters, let’s move on to our next category “Wooden Matches” which are also preferred by several cigar lovers. 

There are special sulfur-free matches available specially for lighting cigars which light up for a longer time. You can also use normal short matches but you may need to use a lot of them. 


  1. Swan Vestas Matches

The Swan Vestas is one of the favourite matches of cigar enthusiasts as well as pipe smokers and campers. 

These wood cigar matches have a sulfur-free head which is preferred by cigar aficionados.


  1. HomArt Matches – Cigars

HomArt Matches box comes with 50 long matches tipped with custom colours. 

As these matches are pretty long, they can be used to light up your favourite cigars. They can also be used to light up candles, lanterns or chandeliers.

Just remember that whether you use sulfur-free or normal wooden matches, you need to wait for a few seconds till the wood starts burning – before you bring the matches close to the cigar so that the flavour of the cigar does not impacted. 

Cedar Spill

For those of you who are not aware of what a spill is – Spills are just narrow strips of wood which were lit with whatever source of fire was available to light a candle or cigar or something else. 

Some cigar lovers always like to light their cigar using a spill. You can buy a pack of spill online. You can click any of the links below for the same. 

  1. Spanish Cedar Spill

The Spanish Cedar Spill is the genuine and authentic Cigar Reserve Cedar Spill which is used to burn your favourite cigars in a traditional way without harmful sulfur or chemicals. 

You can be rest assured that only the finest grade Spanish cedar is used in making Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills. 

  1. DJR Cedar Spills by Cigar

The DJR Cedar Spills imparts neutral flavour to cigars during lighting. It has a long burn time of around one minute, which is pretty sufficient to burn most cigars properly.

Cigar lovers love the flavour of cedar which gets added to the cigar when its lighted by a cedar spill. However, you need to be careful while using a spill as the ash may spill during/after burning. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


  • Do you need special lighters for cigars?

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, cigars need a little bit more time to light as compared to candles, cigarettes etc. Also lighters that use naptha, which can affect the overall taste of the cigar. 

So yes, if you have a good lighter, you can light the cigar properly and also enjoy its flavours. 

  • How do you choose your lighter?

If you’ve read our post, you’ll find that there are several different types of lighters available in the market. Now to make it easier for you to select the best lighter, we’ve mentioned a few points which you might want to keep in mind..


Lighters for cigars start from a little below $20 and go upwards of $250. You’ve to decide how much you’d like to spend to get the lighter which meets your requirements. 


Size is another aspect which is very important before you finalize your lighter. If you want to carry around your lighter with you, then you could go for something compact which can easily fit in your pocket or your bag. 

Final Words:

We would love to hear your personal preference of lighting a cigar. Feel free to express your reviews in the comments section below. 

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