Best Cigar Humidors 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Cigar storage is difficult to master, but choosing and committing to a specific storage form can be even more challenging. For anyone serious about smoking cigars, buying a humidor is really essential. Well there isn’t any need to worry because we have come to you with the Best Cigar Humidors 2020 has to offer.

Why should you need Cigar Humidors?

Humidors for storing your cigars are used to regulate the air. The cigars must be held at different levels of humidity to match the atmosphere in which the tobacco grows. With the storage in a humidor, cigars can last up to 1 or 2 weeks depending on your climate. For the best storage of cigars the humidity should be 68 – 74%, the temperature should be a maximum of 23°C. In the case of short period storage, you can store a cigar in a zip-locked plastic bag. But you should never store a cigar in a refrigerator.

If you are not using a Humidor, then the cigars can be damaged, and you will be facing different problems like – fast burning or bitter taste or difficulty to light one etc.

Since choosing a Humidor for yourself can be a little bit tricky, we have come to you with an awesome list of the Best Cigar Humidors 2020 has to offer:

Best Cigar Humidors 2020


Top Cigar Humidor Top Cigar Humidor
Mantello Royale Glass-Top Cigar Humidor
  • Capicity:Holds (25-50 Cigars)
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Travel Cigar Humidor Travel Cigar Humidor
La Madera Cubana Leather
  • Capicity:Holds (6-15 cigars)
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Desktop Cedar Wood Lined Cigar Box Desktop Cedar Wood Lined Cigar Box
AMANCY Handmade Elegant Black Leather
  • Capicity:Holds (25-50 Cigars)
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Glass Top Humidor Glass Top Humidor
Versailles Glass Top Humidor
  • Capicity:Holds (Upto 100 Cigars)
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Handcrafted Cedar Humidor Handcrafted Cedar Humidor
Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor
  • Capicity:Holds (25-50 Cigars)
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Spanish Cedar Cigar Box Spanish Cedar Cigar Box
Woodronic Cigar Humidor Box
  • Capicity:Holds (10-25 Cigars)
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American Flag Exterior American Flag Exterior
Old Glory Cigar Humidor
  • Capicity:Holds (Upto 100 Cigars)
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Spanish Cedar Humidor Spanish Cedar Humidor
Old World Desktop Cigar Humidor
  • Capicity:Holds (Upto 100 Cigars)
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Spanish Cedar Tray Spanish Cedar Tray
Solana Desktop Cigar Humidor
  • Capicity:Holds (75-100 Cigars)
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#1 Mantello Royale Glass-Top Cigar Humidor:


  • It is an extremely popular humidor, which is extremely stylish and yet inexpensive. 
  • The consistency is excellent for this price and the tempered glass top is an enticing feature for many cigar aficionados. This humidor should look sleek and elegant when perched on your screen, with a scratch-resistant and felt-lined bottom.
  • The humidity is simple to manage with a safety seal and the kit also contains a humidifier, removable cedar divider and manual. The humidor scales are 10 1/4′′ Width x 8 3/4′′ Depth x 4 3/8′′ height.


> It holds 25 to 30 cigars depending on their ring gauge

> It has interiors made of authentic Spanish Cedar Wood.

> Scratch Resistant bottom is an added feature for it.

> Its secure seal ensures that the humidity level is maintained.

> Its whole package consists of Humidor, Humidifier and a removable cedar divider.


  • It has Scratch resistant felt lined bottom
  • It is very much budget-friendly
  • It’s a quality product with security seals


  • The provided Gauge can cause a few issues

#2 La Madera Cubana Leather Travel Cigar Humidor:

La Madera Cubana Leather Travel Cigar Humidor is a great travelling partner for smoking cigars. In addition, the humidor comes with a cutter, a humidifier and a lock and key. 

You can imagine it’s very small and lightweight with the capacity to accommodate 6-10 cigars but it’s still a great humidor. The leather finish is particularly very elegant and stylish.


> It is a cedar finished humidor with an elegant look.

> its compact in design and holds 6 to 15 cigars in it.

> Its top has been designed to hold and fit the included tools.

> it comes with a Humidifier, Hygrometer, Syphones Cutter.

> It has a brass lock and a brass key.


  • It’s a budget-friendly product
  • It is convenient for travelling purposes
  • It’s easy to store anywhere
  • Looks compact and elegant


  • The material might feel cheap to hold
  • The small capacity might be a problem

#3 AMANCY Handmade Elegant Black Leather Humidor


Another affordable choice is the Amancy Desktop Black Leather Humidor which typically retails for less than $40. This is probably the best humidor you could buy in that price range. The collection contains a moisturizer, a hygrometer and a dropper. 


> Appearance is quite rich because of the black PU leather finish and the glass top.

> It has front-mounted hygrometer which allows you to see the humidity level.

> It comes with a Divider to prevent cross-contamination.

> It is lined with kiln-dried cedar for an awesome aroma and moisture retention.

> It has a Scratch Resistant Felt Lined bottom which is definitely a nice touch.

 > Its  Dimensions are 10.2 x 8.6 x 3.9 which allows it to hold 25 to 30 cigars.


  • It looks premium and feels too
  • It has a Scratch-resistant bottom
  • It comes with a divider to prevent contamination


  • The Humidity is not that well contained
  • It is not travel friendly considering the size

#4 Versailles 100 Cigar Glass Top Humidor

The glass top features the Versailles Humidor – a timeless style for those who choose more conventional pieces. This humidor even comes with a lock and key and can hold up to 100 (maximum) cigars; even though I couldn’t imagine that many would fit in. The panelling of the glass makes that a popular humidor. It is obviously a Great Humidor with very good quality.


> It has Tempered bevelled glass on top and front parts of it.

> It has a large rectangular Humidifier in its top portion, with a French cedar holder.

> It comes with a front-mounted large Hygrometer with a Brass Frame for measuring the humidity.

> It has a Spanish cedar tray and a divider also.

> It has recessed brass carrying handles which makes it easier to carry.

> It comes with a gold plated lock and key with tassel.


  • The design is definitely awesome
  • It has Inbuilt Spanish Cedar Humidifier holder
  • It has a divider and has two storage compartments


  • The Hygrometer might break down

#5 Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor:

This Case Elegance humidor has a deep, rich walnut finish and a tempered glass rim. The front displays an interactive optical hygrometer, which is easy to read. The interior consists of coaming and lining of Spanish cedar which holds up to 50 cigars.


> It includes the only inbuilt digital Hygrometer in the market which ensures the right level of humidity for your cigars.

> It has a Real Spanish cedar foaming and inlay making this humidor a holding tool for moisture. Keep the cigars the way you like them.

> In the wide bottom pulls out accessories storage drawer properly place your lighter, cigar cutters and even a travel bag. When closed, the sleek style tastefully rests flat against the humidor

> The top lid features a big beautiful tempered glass window showing off your great smoking set properly.

> The built-in humidification feature keeps your CE humidor from 65 per cent to 70 per cent RH fully seasoned.

> The magnetic ring provides an extremely strong barrier, which passes the dollar bill check easily.


  • It comes with an electronic Hygrometer
  • It comes with a drawer for accessories
  • With the fit and finish and the modern design It definitely stands out.


  • the humidity might not be as controlled as Claimed by the manufacturer

#6 Woodronic Cigar Humidor Box Glass Top for 10 to 25 Counts

It is another humidor that comes with a hygrometer, humidifier, and dropper pre-calibrated. This humidor has an exterior finished with Mahogany and a Spanish cedar cover. This will hold up to 25 cigars in reserve. This humidor is handmade and comes with SureSeal technology to provide an airtight lock, a flexible divider, and shock absorbing stainless steel hinges.


> This humidor has an exterior finished with Mahogany and a Spanish cedar cover. This will hold up to 25 cigars in reserve. This humidor is handmade and comes with SureSeal technology to provide an airtight lock, a flexible divider, and shock absorbing stainless steel hinges.

> Lined with kiln-dried Spanish cedar, this veneer humidor features the elegant glass top style and a premium finish.

> The pre-calibrated external hygrometer lets you test the relative humidity without opening the window.

> The scratch-resistant black velvet-felt bottom with Woodronic logo will never leave any marks on the surfaces of the furniture.


  • Scratch resistant velvet bottom makes it one of a kind.
  • Recalibrated hygrometer gives it an additional feature


  • The lid might face closing problems.

#7 Old Glory Cigar Humidor

To patriotic Americans the Old Glory Weathered American Flag Exterior Humidor is perfect. This style is complete with the American flag.


> It can surely hold up to 100 cigars in it, due to awesome storage capabilities.

> It includes a rectangular humidifier, a glass hygrometer, and a Spanish divider cedar tray.

> It is an American flag humidor with Lock and key with the scratch-resistant felt-lined bottom.

> Its Sure seal technology ensures proper seal on the closing of the lid.


  • It stands out for its beautiful design
  • The lid seal is really good in its job
  • The storage is huge for a Humidor


  • Although very few occurrences, yet there has been
  • a case of Hygrometer getting loose.

#8 Old World Desktop Cigar Humidor

The walnut wood has a distressed antique finish. The humidor can accommodate up to 100 cigars, and it has a key and a lock. The interior is lined with Spanish cedar which makes this great for enhancing the fragrance and helping with moisture preservation in climate control. 


> It can surely hold up to 100 cigars because of its huge space.

> The antique design is surely overwhelming when you see it on a desktop.

> It has Sure Seal technology at closure for proper sealing of the lid. Glass hygrometer mounted on the underside of the shell, with a brass band.

> It has a Glass hygrometer with brass ring mounted below the cover.


  • Its extremely well built
  • Its design is alone makes it unique
  • It offers a huge storage capacity


  • It does have some issues with its seal
  • The Hygrometer becomes loose over time

#9 Solana Desktop Cigar Humidor

This is a statement product, made of high-gloss rosewood and a wood inlay of maple burled. Capacity equals 100 cigars.


> It’s a large humidor which can hold up to 100 cigars

> Its lined with Spanish cedar for an amazing aroma and moisture retention

> It comes with an accessories drawer at the bottom and also has a felt lined scratch resistant base.

> It has a front placed brass Hygrometer and also side grab handles made of brass.


  • It has a stunning desktop design
  • It has a huge capacity for 100 cigars
  • It comes with a drawer for accessories


  • In a few cases, Hygrometer has become dysfunctional

Frequently asked Questions on Cigar Humidors:

There are a lot of FAQs while buying a Cigar Humidor. We have selected the most relevant ones for you and tried to explain the right answers which would guide you select the best cigar humidor for yourself. Have a look.

Q>  Does an all Cedar Humidor Affect the aroma of my Cigars in it?

Ans> Spanish Cedar is the best species of cedar to be used in a humidor. Spanish Cedar has a beautiful scent that blends with and improves the cigars’ flavour, but we recommend that Spanish Cedar be used only for lining bins and drawers inside your humidor. The best wood to use for the exterior of your humidor is a hardwood such as Mahogany.

Q>  How often my Humidor Filters should be changed?

Ans> Vigilant suggests replacing the filter every 3 to 4 months, along with using clean water to hold your humidor. The filter can be rinsed regularly (with purified water), but if it doesn’t come clean, it’s time to fix it!

Q>  How do I check the accuracy of my Hygrometer?

Ans> If it’s an analogue hygrometer (dial-type), it’s next to useless. You should own a decent digital hygrometer, if you care for your cigars.

A 5 per cent difference will make a huge difference for your cigars, so you should calibrate your hygrometer every year. Most digital hygrometers are accurate to + /-5-7 percent RH, which means that 70 percent reading on your monitor will translate actual humidity in your moisture to 65 percent to 75 percent. Even if your humidor is accurate to + /-5 percent defined by the supplier, it does not tell you the calibration of your specific hygrometer.

Q>  How to understand whether your Cigars are too moist or not?

Ans> Examine your cigars, and look at the wrapper or swelling at the end for the presence of mold or plume. A wet cigar is going to smoke dry, give you a sour taste in your mouth, a hard pull and not stay illuminated. The wrapper at the end can be slightly broken and when squeezed between your fingers, it won’t bounce back as easily. In reality it may feel gentle. If you light up a wet cigar it’s going to burn fast. The heat comes from the steam that is produced at the lit end, passing through the cigar and into your mouth. Such a cigar can also be difficult to draw and equally difficult to keep it lit.

Q>  How to Choose the proper Humidor for yourself?

Ans> Considering the different sizes and functionalities available in the market it can be confusing to choose a proper Humidor for a beginner. Well the things you should consider before buying a humidor is that how often do you smoke a cigar and how much are you willing to spend on that. If you are a light or occasional smoker and your budget is low, then you should go for a small but fully updated one. While if you are a heavy and frequent smoker like me then you should look forward to buy a big one with proper storage facilities and a electronic Hygrometer. Follow the article to know more.

Q>  Why do we need to season a Humidor?

Ans> One of the most commonly asked questions we get at Frontline Cigars is how to season the humidor. Seasoning the fragrance is a vital factor of keeping the cigars you purchased new.  We are seasoning the humidor to keep our cigars at the proper moisture for us to smoke. The average humidity is 65-75 percent for a humidor. The cigars can get affected by something below or above.


Holding your cigars in ideal conditions is imperative. Failure to do so will cause your cigars to become un-smokable. Take care of your cigars with a humidor or an electronic alternative for your smoking experiences will be perfect. We hope you can pick one from our list of the Best Cigar Humidors 2020 has to offer and that fits your needs.

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