Best Cigar Cutters 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

For the man who loves his cigar, all the accessories related to it has its own unique significance. Cigar cutters are required to cut one end of the cigar to get a good draw. You could definitely use a simple kitchen knife or your teeth to make the cut but we don’t believe any cigar lover would ever do such an act. 

This article is dedicated to cigar lovers. This article is about the best cigar cutters in 2020.

What is a Cigar Cutter used for?

The primary use of a cigar cutter is to cut one end of the cigar so that smoke can easily travel thru the cigar and you get a good draw. 

The end of the cigar is usually cut in 4 different ways, namely:

  • Straight Cut 
  • V Cut or The Wedge
  • The Hole Punch and
  • Shuriken or Multiple Slit Cut (this was introduced quite recently)

There is not thumb rule to cut a cigar in a specific way – its more of a personal choice and also depends on the shape, size and type of the cigar. Most of the cigar lovers prefer a straight cut. 

Best Cigar Cutters 2020

Guillotine Cigar Cutter 

Guillotine was a machine with a heavy blade used in ancient France for execution. The Guillotine Cigar Cutter derived its name as it used the same principle to make a precise cut in cigars. 

Guillotine Cutters are used to make a straight cut and are available in single blade as well as with double blades. 

Best single blade guillotine cigar cutters 

1.Colibri Satin Silver Single Blade Cigar Cutter 


The Colibri Satin Cigar cutter is a single blade cigar cutter. It has a very simplistic yet effective design. 

The best feature of this cutter is that it is pretty compact, so it’s easy to carry anywhere. Its dimensions are 2 3/8″ L x 1 1/2″ W. 

It has a simple yet practical design and can cut up to 54 ring gauge cigar. 

Its priced at $15.99 & FREE Shipping


Best-selling Double blade Guillotine Cigar cutters 

1.Alaska Bear – Guillotine Double Cut Blade

Alaska Bear is beautiful, economical and a pretty robust cutter. No wonder it is one of the most widely sold cigar cutters for quite some time.

Alaska bear can be used to cut almost any type of cigar (manufacturer recommends cigars with less than 60 G). It has razor sharp blades that ensures a clean cut every time. The price is on the lower end for such a good quality product. 

The best aspect about this product (which we found based on online reviews) is that the company provides excellent customer support services which is pretty surprising for such an inexpensive item.   

Those who have already used it have given a very positive feedback and they do recommend it to others.


2.Fortune Nexus® Ebony Wood Cut & Lock System Cigar Cutter

This cigar cutter from Fortune Nexus is made of premium stainless steel. It has two very sharp blades which gives a clean cut every time. 

The beautiful cutter is a result of excellent craftmanship but that doesn’t mean the quality has been compromised in any way. The wood and the metal are both of excellent quality. Overall cutter is pretty strong and sturdy. 


3. Xikar XO Double Guillotine Cutter

The XO Cigar Cutter may or may not be the best cigar cutter in the market but its definitely one which you’d like to own after having a look at it and reading its features below. 

The XO Cigar Cutter has a spring-loaded blade release system and it operates on a planetary gear system, ensuring the blades move (open and close) in perfect harmony and you always get a clean cut on your favourite cigar. 

The XO has an aluminium body which ensures super durability and it can cut up to 64 RG (it can cut the cap of 70RG Cigars).  The best part if this cutter is covered by Xikar’s lifetime warranty 


V Cut Cigar Cutter

Unlike the Guillotine cutter, the V-Cut Cigar Cutter is a very precise cutter. One major difference between the cuts is that V-Cut gives a much smaller opening than a straight cut and hence the draw one gets is pretty much less than what you get from a straight cut. 

If you’re looking for a different type of cut from a straight cut or a punch, the V-cut Cigar Cutter does the trick. Many Cigar smokers agree that the V-cut creates more airflow than a single punch and does not have the harshness of completely removing the cap or making a straight cut. The V-cut provides an enjoyable smoke. The edges of the cut also seem to catch some of the tar that can get on your lips towards the end of a stick.

best-selling V Cut Cigar Cutters

1. XIFEI Cigar Cutter 


The XEFEI is a sturdy cigar cutter with beautiful looks. It has a spring-loaded release and is equipped with a punch. The XIFEI has very sharp stainless steel blades and it gives a nice deep cut. It can give both small and large ring gauge cigars a very good cut. 

The only issue with this cutter is that it required a little more strength to operate than regular cutters but that isn’t much of an issue if compared to its looks and features. 

2. Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter


The Colibri V Cut Cigar cutter is a beautifully crafted cutter with stainless steel blades. It has a spring-loaded release. It fits securely in our hands and gives a perfect cut due to the precise acute angle design. 

It is used to give a V-cut to cigars with over 60+ ring gauge. 


3. Vertigo Victory V-Cut Cutter

The Vertigo Victory V-Cut Cutter is made of plastic with stainless steel blades. It is pretty light-weight and it can cut upto 62 ring gauge cigars. 

It may be economical as compared to other V-Cut Cutters available but it does give a good cut every time. Just make sure to press the end into the cutting side (only one side of this cutter actually cuts) and it gives a nice clean debris free cut.

Those who have already used it have given a very positive feedback and they do recommend it to others. 


Hole Punch Cigar Cutter

Hole punch cutter is used to create a small hole on the top of the cigar. This type of punch works only on round-capped cigars. As with the V-Cut Cigar Cutter, the diameter of the hole is pretty small and so the draw is also limited. 

Best-selling Hole Punch Cigar Cutters

  1. CIGARLOONG Cigar Punch

The Cigarloong Punch does look like an antique with its traditional pattern and design. 

It has a self-sharpening design and gives a clean cigar hole. 


2. XIFEI Cigar Punch

The XIFEI Punch gives a good punch to cigars with its dual use cigar drill/ cigar puncher tool. It is quite sharp, easy to use and fits in your pocket easily. 


3. Lotus Cyclops 11mm Cigar Punch 

The Lotus Cyclops 11mm is a nice cigar punch. It is used for the largest ring gauge cigars – and yes it does give a big hole. The Cyclops is a little heavy as compared to other cigar punches so you may need some time to get used to it. 

The Lotus Cyclops has a pretty sharp punch and the best part is that it ejects the tobacco out when you close the punch. 


Shuriken Cigar Cutter

Unlike the other cutters which are used to make a cut, the Shuriken Cutter is used to create a slit on one end. You need to push the head of the cigar towards the cutter which then creates a few slits which allows the user to get a good draw. There have been many suggestions that you’ll need to slightly bite the cigar to get a good draw. 

Best-selling Shuriken Cigar Cutters

1.Colibri Black Puncher Shuriken 6-Blade Cigar Cutter 

The Colibri Shuriken cutter is equipped with 6 sharp blades that will make a clear cut of your cigar, while allowing to release the best of the aromas and the flavors of your cigar.

It weighs just 16g and has a trendy design. It is pretty easy to use and due to its compact design, it is easy to carry around. 



This particular cutter can cut cigars up to 60 ring gauge quite easily.  This is mostly made of plastic and the blades are the only parts made of metal.

Its dimensions are 2.5 inches x 1.25 inches. It’s not exactly easy to carry but still manageable. 


Cigar Cutter Keychain

Keychain Cigar cutters are simply cigar cutters which can be attached to a set of keys and used whenever you need them. It is quite convenient for people who tend to forget their cutters at home. 

best Keychain Cigar Cutters 

1.Screwpop Cigar Punch 3.0

The screwpop 3.0 is a cigar punch which can be additionally used as a bottle opener and also as a keychain.

As per several online reviews, the blade is not as sharp as other “cigar punch only” cutters but having a bottle opener and a keychain is a bit of an advantage. 


2.Screwpop Chopo Cigar Cutter


The Screwpop chopo is another cigar cutter which you can use as a keychain. Just like the screwpop cigar punch, this cigar cutter can also be used as a bottle opener too. 

People like to keep this stainless beauty on their keychain as it has multiple uses. As for the cutter, it requires a bit of force to open/close it, which means you don’t need to worry about getting opened accidentally in your pocket. 


Benchmade Cigar Cutter

The benchmade Cigar cutter is a modified version of the single-blade guillotine cutter. What makes it stand out is its unique design with modelled carbon fibre is really eye-catching. 

Best Benchmade Cigar Cutter  

Benchmade 1500-181 Cigar Cutter

To access the cutter, you simply need to pull back the trigger firmly and the blade pops ipen. You can simply insert the cigar and cut it with ease. The length of the cutter is 4.15 inches and the thickness is around 0.9 inches.


Cigar Cutter Scissors

The cigar scissor cutter does have its own significance among cigar aficionados. It’s a tool for occupies a special place in ta revered niche in the realm of cigar clippers. It is a tool for people who give significant importance to customs and legacy and are willing to put in the additional effort required to give a classic touch to their cigar smoking experience. 

Best Cigar Cutter Scissors

1. Cigar Scissors with Portable Folding Multi-Function

This is an excellent cigar scissor with stainless steel blades. It can accommodate cigars of different sizes. If not handled properly these cutter can squeeze/crush the cigar a bit while cutting. 

Apart from cutting cigars, this is a multi-functional tool as it can be used to open the beer cover, safely unpack the box and also to clean up the ash inside the pipe. 


2.XIFEI Hand-held Cigar Scissors

    Traditional design: stainless steel integrated blade sharp, pure copper carving, stylish and luxurious, 

    Function: It can cut large and small cigars, clean and neat.

    Packing: Exquisite gift box packaging, attached leather case, beautiful appearance, is the best gift for cigar lovers.

    After sales service:If there are any problems within 6 months, we will provide a full refund, please rest assured to buy

This is an exceptional cigar cutter with pure copper carving and a luxurious look. It is suitable for cigars upto 64 ring gauge. The manufacturer claims that the handle is pure brass. The machining and engraving work is also eye-catching. 

This scissor comes in a beautiful high-end box and leather case.


3.Grey Credo Cigar Cutter Scissor 

The Grey credo may not have a very impressive look but it has razor sharp blades. It is a fantastic tool to cut over size cigars. 

This is perfect cutter for beginners. 


FAQ For Cigar Cutters

  • Do you have to cut cigars?

Most quality handmade cigars, regardless of shape, will have a cap which is one or more small pieces of a wrapper pasted onto one end of the cigar with either a natural tobacco paste or with a mixture of flour and water. The cap end of a cigar is the rounded end without the tobacco exposed, and this is the end one should always cut. 

  • Do you cut both ends of a cigar?

Although some cigars are cut on both ends, or twirled at both ends, the vast majority come with one straight cut end and one end in a “cap” which must be cut off for the cigar to be smoked. 

  • Is it better to punch or cut cigars?

The hole created by the punch does not allow enough smoke to travel thru the cigar whereas the cutter gives a much larger cut which in turn produces much thicker smoke. 

  • Can I cut a cigar with a knife?

The cap may be cut with a knife or bitten off, but if the cap is cut jaggedly or without care, the end of the cigar will not burn evenly and smokeable tobacco will be lost.

  • How to identify the best cigar cutter?

Most normal cutters will be for cigars under a ring size of 60, should you wish to cut cigars larger than this you will need to find a specific cutter.

  • How to choose a Cigar Cutter?

In terms of selecting a cutter, the style and design is going to be a matter of personal taste. There are hundreds of designs of Cigar Cutters available in the market. After that one needs to consider the sharpness of blades and the size of your cigar. But apart from the style, the most important things to consider while buying a cigar is its functionality and ease of use. 

  • Sharpness of Blades

The sharpness of the blades is one of the most critical factors. It is the sharpness of the blade which ensures a clean cut and a better smoking experience. 

Whenever you buy a cutter, always ensure you buy it from a company of repute as they readily replace their products if the cutter is blunt / doesn’t cut properly. 

Functionality and Ease of Use

As we’ve mentioned below, there are different types of Cigar Cutters available which solves different purposes. To simplify the process of identifying the best cutter for you, we have researched hundreds of cutters and prepared a list of 2-3 cutters in each category. 

So without wasting anytime, let’s have a look at the different types of cigar cutters available in the market and their specific design and function. 

Final Words:  As you’ve read above, there are several types of cigar cutters available in the market. There isn’t any thumb rule to buy except that you need to check the quality and the customer service reviews. We’ve given examples of only those products which have received good reviews online. 
Hope you have a wonderful cigar experience. Feel free to post a comment if we missed out something.

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